A Little Cold Outside

Hold On Hold On


Do you love this video??? I think it's pretty special and somewhat spectacular. It is another Red Bird Creative creation. It was launched at The Bird in Perth to a beautiful audience.
There are another two complete videos just waiting to be released so sign up to the mailing list if you can't wait to see! x

I Never Wanted You Like I Now Do by Red Bird

So here it is! The masterpiece created by Red Bird Creative!
I launched it at an RTRfm event about 2 weeks ago and was going to hold off putting it online for another month but I changed my mind. I just found out that the album is in the 'CMJ Top 200' chart in the US which is very cool so I wanted to make sure that people got to see this little gem if they visited my website.
It's not available publicly on Youtube but if people have the link then they can view it, if you think that someone might like to see please direct them to my website http://www.elkbell.com

Oh and if you'd like to screen it somewhere and need it in a certain format just drop me a line and I'll do my very best for you!

Holiday Island by Red Bird Creative

So here we have it... above is the animation extravaganza we've all been waiting for! There were some minor alterations to be done since the launch on October 14th. Thanks again to all of the lovelies who made it along for the album/video clip launch. Red Bird Creative is basically Aaron, Noel & Ilich & I think they did a wonderful job bringing my very, very, very basic vision to life. Now I CAN'T WAIT to show you clip number 2 which between you and me is quite the master piece! Enjoy... and then drop me an email :)

I Never Wanted You ... by Nevildevilchild

Another little video number by the lovely Lara. This was filmed at her house one 'suppose to be sunny but actual quite overcast' day, the plan was to do most of it outside but Lara forgot to book it in with the weather bureau. Never fear, we are women, we are adaptable!

Elk Bell feat. Matthew

Matthew v Matthew

Live footage at Manhattans by Nevildevilchild

Holiday Island by Pocketfilmer Germany

Holiday Island by Saskia Olieslagers

Freeride & Downhill Germany