Hey there,

Thanks for visiting this page! I thought I'd add this in the event that it may encourage the odd $5 here or there to be donated. It that happens then I'll be a happy camper.

There's so many people & organisations around the world doing amazing things for others. Great acts of generosity and kindness, I felt the need to list below those that I've donated to either in cash or other support. In no particular order...

VOW - http://www.vow.org.au Damien Thornber works tirelessly on this organisation that he set up & I've had the privilege of speaking with him on a few occasions about his work. The aim of VOW is to provide opportunities to children who would otherwise not have such opportunities. There's four different projects which work to improve the lives of indigenous children in remote Western Australia, Bali & Africa.

Cancer Council of Australia
- http://www.cancer.org.au About three years ago my family decided to do what I believe many others are also doing around the world. Instead of purchasing gifts for each other that let's face it, we really didn't need, it would be better for each of us to choose a charity to donate our money to. My grandma and I chose the Cancer Council of Australia. We decided to add up what we would usually expect to pay for presents and then donate that amount to our chosen charity. Obviously you'd still by gifts for small children but the rest of us - bah, seriously, what do we need?!

Ecocean -  http://www.whaleshark.org In support of the work of Ecocean I took part in their 2011 main fundraising event called 'Oceans Alive' http://oceansalive.wordpress.com/
Brad Norman was one of the founders of Ecocean & I was delighted to have been approached by him to provide entertainment for their fundraising event. It was a lovely evening at Royal Perth Yacht club which raised much funds towards the study & conservation of these harmless whalesharks. I didn't really know anything about this animal at the time but thanks to Brad for spending the time to speak to me about what I now see as an incredibly amazing and beautiful creature.

WSPA - http://www.wspa.org.au The World Society for the Protection of Animals says it all & they do amazing work. Part proceeds from the sale of my debut album 'Superfragilistic' are donated to this organisation.

The Animal Rescue Site
- http://www.theanimalrescuesite.com Now, let's face it, not everyone has spare cash or spare time to donate so if that's you here's something you can do which doesn't require either and it's sooo easy. If you open that page you'll see a great big old purple button at the top of the screen. Every click results in sponsors paying for food & care for rescued animals. So, after your first visit I reckon that subsequent visits might take approximately 3.759 seconds of your time. Just imagine, you could build this into your daily routine, get up, open internet, click on the link you've saved - done! Or perhaps first thing when you get to work?

RSPCA - http://www.rspca.org.au Now I must admit I've actually done nothing so far to support this organisation other then a couple of very small donations over years so I really must change that. However I'm lucky to be kept aware of the projects and campaigns through my friend Shari who has been volunteering for the organisation on and off for years. She last helped out at the Million Paws Walk which I should have attended with my little boy (dog) Matthew. I'm not sure that the walk is for Matthew though who has some social skill issues - he's a tad shy and as the name suggests this event attracts a vast sea of breeds!