Republica d'fantAsia - Out October 2017- FEATURE ALBUM!

Yas!! Just found out that the new album has been selected as RTRfm's FEATURE ALBUM week commencing Monday 16th October yew!

We had a gorgeous launch in Perth, Western Australia the other night. After this little post I'm going to create a link in the music section for all things Republica d'fantAsia - photos and vid from the making of the album through to the launch (that's 5 years of stuff I have to post!).

If you have grabbed a copy of the first album 'Superfragilistic' yet it's available everywhere, the newie should also be up in the all of the usual spots this week, it's up for grabs now on Bandcamp along with all the other merch.

That first album was also RTRfm Feature Album and it also found its way into the CMJ Top 200 chart in the US. I think that sadly that chart not longer exists, it gave me and my album so much love.

Radio crew - Australia - the album is coming at you through October and November via AMRAP & AirIt, if you have any issues please drop me a line. Happy to do a radio phone chat.

Radio crew - US - the album is also coming at you through October and November via Planetary. If you know the Planetary crew hit them up, if not please hit me up and I'll sort you out with a copy. Also happy to do a radio interview no matter what time it is in Oz!

Elk promises to keep the emails to a minimum: just new singles, albums, tour dates & Big News

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